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With your help, we built an arts center.

Now help us build the world we all want to live in: a world in which the transformative power of art is accessible to all.

Sylvia Center for the Arts was founded with the mission to provide an affordable venue for performing arts in Whatcom County. Each season offers a dizzying array of productions from both our in-house production company, iDiOM Theater (including many performances that are free to the public), and other local organizations dedicated to creating world-class performing arts right here in Northwest Washington. We work to bring down barriers to arts education by offering scholarships for youth and adult classes.

While we create art for the community, we create community around art. Sylvia Center nurtures a diverse and inclusive community of artists, volunteers, spectators, and supporters. We offer a space where emerging artists can take risks, and bring new works to light.

The world we want to live in is not going to be handed to us. It’s up to us to create it, and keep creating.

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Boring tax stuff: Sylvia Center for the Arts is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, formerly known as iDiOM Theater. Our state UBI number is 602-888-933, our state charity registration number is 29775, and our federal tax ID number is 37-1578059.